Video consultation with the doctor of your choice.

Connect with your preferred doctor online through a video consultation. Save your time and money and get the consultation you need from the comfort of your home.

Dr. Jack Gleeson
Dr. Kit Harington

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Orthopedic surgery

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Save yourself time and distance by an easily online talk with your doctor in the video consultation. The video consultation connects doctors and patients.

You can talk with them
within 5 minutes

Dr. Maisie Williams

Dr. Maisie Williams


Dr. Jack Gleeson

Dr. Jack Gleeson


Dr. Rose Leslie

Dr. Rose Leslie


Dr. Kit Harington

Dr. Kit Harington


How to connect with your preferred doctor?

Set an appointment

Patients book an appointment with their doctor based on the convenience of both parties.

Log into appointment portal

On the specified date and time, the patient logs into the appointment portal which will have access to a video call with the doctor.

Attend the consultation

The patient attends the video consultation almost as if in real life. They connect online through video call and can exchange information as per necessary.

Why opt for a video consultation with our doctors?

No Waiting

Video consultations are scheduled at a specified date and time. This means you will have adequate time with your doctor and can schedule your routine accordingly.

Appointment form anywhere

Set your appointment from anywhere in the world. Our e-consultation allows you to book a time with the doctors from anywhere in the world be it from a vacation or from your home.

Doctor’s consultation from home

Listen to what your doctors have to say, tell them about your problems from the comfort of your home. A stable internet connection will allow you to connect with our doctor from your home.

Almost like real life

Exchange pictures,information, mark out your problems and talk with the doctors on the video consultation. Get all the experience of a real life consultation through an online connection with your doctor.

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