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Weight Loss

Lose the excess fat with our trainer’s vigilant guidance and observation. Bring your weight down to the appropriate range for your body type.


Learn to let loose and relax with our Yoga program. Two hour long classes in a week to make sure your body and mind are at a sound balance.

Shred and Bulk

Shred up your muscles and get them bulked with a controlled and effective routine and guidance.

About Us

A perfect trainer is a health investment that always pays off.

At CoreEnergy we provide you with personal trainers who'll get you to the fitness limits of your desire. With controlled training sessions and proper guidance, our experienced trainers will make sure you get your money’s worth.


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$ 10

Monthly Plan

$ 35

Weekly Plan

$ 400


Happiest Trainee

I want to express my sincere gratitude for the personal training from Fitney, they have provided me over the past 3 years. I have achieved from our many hours in the gym working on building strenth, muscle growth while learning the proper form and technique in weight lifting and overall good health.
Dwight Schrute

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