The Most Trusted Solution in Vetenary Telemedicine

Your pets deserve the best possible care. HappyPets is your trusted telemedicine platform, here to help your pets live a happy and healthy life.

Our Growing Family of Clinics

Less Stress. More Play.

Now, you don’t have to constantly think about setting up an appointment for your pet. with HappyPets, get an appointment instantly!

Set an appointment

Patients book an appointment with their doctor based on the convenience of both parties.

Log into appointment portal

On the specified date and time, the patient logs into the appointment portal which will have access to a video call with the doctor.

Attend the consultation

The patient attends the video consultation almost as if in real life. They connect online through video call and can exchange information as per necessary.

Works Well With Others

Our telemedicine services works well with most types of pets. Here’s some of our specialized telemedicine services for your pets.


For every skin related problems of your pets.

Orthopedic surgery

For every bone and marrow related issues of your pets.

General Practice

General health checkups for your pets..

Your Pet, Your Vet

Get the vet you want for your pet. Veterinary treatment has never been like this before so get your pet the treatment they deserve.
Let’s Connect!

Schedule your personalized demo to see what painless telemedicine looks like.

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